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  • Hello, we are GITS Indonesia

    We are passionate about IT, especially mobile technology. Our mission is to create great mobile applications that can make our lives more efficient.

  • We have worked with major industries in Indonesia,such as Telkom and SHARP

    We try our best to meet the demands of our clients and make sure that

    they are satisfied with the results we produce.

  • We Create Mobile Marketing Tools such as Mobile Web and Mobile Application

    We have been focusing on Android platform for the last few years,

    but now we take on the challenge to make great apps on

    iOS, BlackBerry, and Nokia Smartphones as well.

Android Apps Development

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iOS Apps Development

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Windows Phone Development

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Our Works

PT. GITS Indonesia has been active in IT Industry since 2010. Since then, we have developed a lot of applications, both initiative projects and client requests. Our developers are familiar with desktop, website, and mobile programming, but we are currently focusing in mobile.

As for mobile applications, many of our works are done for Android platform, but we are also skilled in iOS, Symbian, and Harmattan application development. We are eager to learn new platforms, and are currently exploring Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

Some of our works are featured below; check out the works page for details :)

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Our Partners

PT. GITS Indonesia has had the chance to work with some large companies in Indonesia, such as Telkom, eBdesk, and Sari Husada. Some of these projects are Lokasia, Diallo, H!Bandung (with Telkom), SHARP Code (with SHARP), and Triharyo Mobile (with

We are mostly known for our expertise in mobile programming, but we have also done desktop and information systems applications. This includes our projects with Tjoret Creative Studio and Reading Walk (website projects) and also Bawaslu (Voting Violation Report Application)

If you would like to join these companies and be our partner, please refer to the contacts section below.

Telkom Indonesia
Sari Husada
BlackBerry App World
Available Positions

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